Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor-Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

  • Manages your storeroom for electrical, industrial, and automation parts and supplies
  • We assist in performing stock minimums and maximums
  • Set up bins, shelves and stock
  • Visits on a predetermined schedule to fulfill auto-replenishment orders

How IAC Implements VMI

  • We collect your inventory and usage history by part
  • Standardize parts
  • Optimize inventory, creating inventory records with minimum/maximum levels for each SKU – with YOUR part numbers
  • Generate barcoded shelf and bin labels
  • Source bins for products
  • Generate the initial order
  • Setup shelves, bins, and put up the products on your site
  • Scan and count items with remote data capture equipment for replenishment on an optimum schedule