Repair And Exchange Services

Repair And Exchange Services

Rockwell Remanufacturing and Exchange Services

Reductions in maintenance staff and spare parts inventory often lead to longer downtime and lost revenue when your automation assets malfunction or fail. To minimize downtime and keep production lines running, you need a reliable service partner that you can trust to provide quality repairs when you need them.

Many repair services can be costly, may only fix the symptoms instead of the problem and have limited availability. Rockwell Automation Remanufacturing and Exchange Services go far beyond other repair services with 18 remanufacturing and repair centers and nine exchange hubs around the globe. In fact, our North American locations have received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications for quality.

Every Allen-Bradley® and Reliance Electric™ product remanufactured undergoes our comprehensive remanufacturing process (see back). To maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, we invest each year in maintaining and updating the latest testing equipment.


  • Proprietary remanufacturing process restores failed units to “like new” or better condition, extending equipment life and
    enhancing its performance
  • Improve your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Stabilize your maintenance budget
  • Reduce your unplanned downtime and frequency of repairs (longer Mean-Time-Between-Failure)*
  • Improve speed to change (receive repaired products faster, minimize compatibility problems)


  • Receive a 12, 18 or 24 month warranty on the entire unit, not just the replaced/repaired components
  • Ability to track your warranty, potentially saving you significant costs on unnecessary billings
  • Only Rockwell Automation OEM specified components are used
  • Includes firmware updates on your remanufactured products

Rockwell Automation offers three levels of Remanufacturing and Exchange Services:

  • Economy services – Your failed or malfunctioning product is sent through our proprietary process and returned to you via normal shipping.
  • Standard services – After your failed core is received at one of our depots, an exchange unit is shipped from the hub. If no exchange unit is available, your unit will be placed in the front of our production schedule.
  • Priority services – Obtain next day, morning delivery from over 50,000 remanufactured Allen-Bradley catalog items inventoried at our global parts hubs. Return shipping costs are waived if the failed, non-warranty unit is returned within 15 days. Emergency 24x7x365 service is also available.

Repair Services on non-Rockwell Automation Products

Keeping your operation up and running in a cost-effective and efficient manner is our primary objective. Our repair technicians will work quickly to repair your automation equipment, using replacement parts that meet – or even exceed – the original design specifications.

Every unit follows a stringent process to ensure the highest quality repair is performed. Our efficient process fl ow minimizes handling time and our experienced professionals will ensure your equipment is returned to you as quickly as possible, so you can get your operation back up and running.

A Single Source for Repairs

Meet your repair needs quickly and conveniently with repair services from Rockwell Automation. Quality has been
integrated into every step of our repair process, whether the item is repaired at our Rockwell Automation or Lektronix repair facilities, or through our extensive network of strategic suppliers.


  • Increase Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) through use of OEM specified components (when available)
  • Reduce procurement administration through vendor consolidation
  • Extend equipment life by repairing obsolete or hard to find replacement products
  • Extensive global repair center, distributor and support networks


  • Single source capability
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  • One year warranty on complete unit, not just repaired components
  • Automated testing
  • After hours support
  • Local representation