Safer Lockout-Tagout Programs Start At IAC

IAC’s Lockout-Tagout Specialists are industry-leading experts in the field of lockout-tagout program implementation. Our proven systems and products provide you with a comprehensive solution that is compliant, safe and efficient. Not only do our lockout tagout services improve the well-being of employees, they can contribute to overall productivity as well.

Leadership at any safety-compliant production facility should be able to answer these questions:

  • What equipment requires a lockout-tagout procedure?
  • Do we possess all necessary components and devices required to successfully perform a lockout-tagout procedure on these machines?
  • Have authorized employees been trained so they understand our current lockout-tagout procedures?
  • Does our current lockout-tagout policy meet all requirements necessary to be OSHA compliant?

A Lockout-Tagout Service performed by IAC’s Lockout-Tagout Specialists will provide you with definitive answers to these very important questions.

Our Lockout-Tagout Services include:

  • Illustrated placards that are unique to each machine
  • Lockout-tagout procedures mounted clearly at the point of use on each machine
  • Energy disconnects and control points on each machine indicated by color coded tags
  • Necessary files delivered via USB and physical binder

The benefits of IAC Lockout-Tagout Services are clear:

  • Improved safety: Safer workers are better workers, and with IAC-specified lockout-tagout procedures and training in place, your team will stay productive with less risk of injury.
  • Peace of mind: You’ll rest easy knowing that all of your lockout-tagout needs have been taken care of by an industry-leading expert like IAC.
  • ROI: IAC’s lockout-tagout program provides a substantial value that can be directly measured by your return on investment.

Additional IAC Lockout-Tagout options include:

  • Devices
  • Training
  • Required annual review
  • In-Mold Technology (IMT) Placard
  • ScanESC

Lockout-Tagout Compliance Checklist

Corporate policy

An effective corporate policy should be clear and easy to understand. Similar to the procedures themselves, this should remain dynamic, adapt to changing conditions and be utilized by employees to ensure they have a full understanding of lockout-tagout implementation.


All equipment must meet eight criteria to be fully exempt from lockout-tagout. In general, over 95% of all equipment in a facility will need to include a lockout tagout procedure, including items like exhaust fans and water heaters. OSHA has the authority to cite your company up to $70,000 for each procedure missed, so diligence is important.

Required training

Whenever changes are made to your policy, new lockout-tagout procedures are introduced or deficiencies are found in your program, all authorized employees must be retrained in order to ensure full comprehension and understanding. Failure to perform this training can result in a separate OSHA citation up to $70,000 per occurrence.

Procedures requiring annual auditing:

  • Overview to ensure all equipment is still the same
  • Ensure that all procedures are easily accessible and accurate

Providing information to employees:

  • Offering annual training to all authorized employees will ensure that you always stay compliant
  • Awareness training should be implemented for all affected employees

Lockout-tagout products at IAC:

  • Specialized valve devices (for use on non-lockable valves)
  • Lock boxes and hasps (used for group lockout)
  • Lockout devices for electrical plug disconnects
  • Breaker devices
  • Fuse devices
  • Locks designed exclusively for lockout-tagout
  • Specialized lockout-tagout tags to be used with locks