Installed Base Evaluations

Installed Base Evaluations

The Easy Way To Understand Your Industrial Assets And Controls

IAC’s Asset Management Specialists will audit your installed base of industrial automation controls and arm you with the knowledge you need to reduce downtime and maximize productivity. It is critical for the leadership at any industrial production facility to be able to answer a few simple questions:

  • Where is system-critical electronic equipment located (for example, drives and processors)?
  • What condition is that equipment in, and is it at risk of becoming obsolete?
  • Do we have the parts on hand to properly maintain or replace these machines, and if so, are those parts well organized and ready in the event that they are needed?

An Installed Base Evaluation by IAC’s Asset Management Specialists can give you the industrial intelligence you need to answer these questions with confidence.

Our IBE Automation Audits include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your integrated production systems and the associated technology
  • Easy-to-understand reports and analytics
  • In-depth life cycle status information for critical equipment
  • Hardware and software compatibility reviews
  • Inventory analysis and organization
  • Assessment of risk due to system failure, etc.

The results of an IBE Automation Audit are clear:

  • Confidence: You’ll breathe easy knowing that you truly understand the condition of your systems – and what your team will do when issues arise.
  • Efficiency: Your inventory will include only the parts you need, reducing unnecessary costs.
  • Reduced downtime: By preparing for potential technology issues, those issues can be overcome much faster.