Motion Control Fundamentals

This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of the concepts, terminology, functionality and applications of motion control. In addition, you will also learn how motion control applications function using the concepts and principles discussed in each lesson.

This course will allow you to establish the strong essential foundation you need before learning the skills necessary to maintain and program motion control systems.

This course does not address motion control system design or specific motion control software programming. If you are seeking training in these areas, you should enroll in the relevant Rockwell Automation training courses, making sure you have fulfilled the prerequisites for those courses prior to enrollment.

Course Agenda

Day 1

  • Identifying Servo Motion Elements
  • Tracing the Power Supply Circuit
  • Creating a Motion Profile
  • Identifying and Applying a Reference

Day 2

  • Identifying Motion Drive Elements
  • Tracing Signal Flow Through the Drive Control Module
  • Identifying Motor Types and Components
  • Identifying Feedback Devices
  • Identifying and Scaling Loads

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Event Details

February 23 - 24, 2021
Course #: CCN130
Location: IAC Supply Solutions - Memphis, TN
Price: $1,827.00
Category: Motion Control

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