Networks, Security & Datacom

Networks, Security & Datacom (NSD): Making Complex Systems Easier To Design And Maintain

IAC’s sales & automation specialists don’t just help you to keep up; they will provide you with a competitive advantage. We use our extensive Networks, Security & Datacom knowledge to provide products, solutions and training to a broad customer base and a wide variety of contractors, industries & commercial sites.

Electrical construction comes with a unique and ever-changing set of challenges. Whether it’s pre-planning, bidding or final trim and occupancy, there is a tremendous amount of coordination and project planning that is required to be successful. As a full-line supplier of Networks, Security & Datacom equipment and supplies, IAC can provide best-in-class solutions for projects of any size.

IAC has the best Networks, Security & Datacom team of any distributor in our region. Our experienced Sales Specialists can assist you with anything from product selection, to system design and architecture. We also provide 24/7 technical assistance. 




A comprehensive assessment performed by IAC’s Network Security Specialists will allow you to provide precise answers to these questions. IAC is an Authorized Distributor of Rockwell Automation products, and that means we don’t just understand the world of industrial automation, we can provide you with the tools you need to make the most of it.  Click here for more information.





All things related to Copper Network Infrastructure including Patch Panels, Faceplates, Jacks, Patch Cords, Wire Management, Industrial and Data Center Network Connectivity as well as Category 3, 5E, 6/6A Cable, Private Labeling.

• General Cable – Category 3, 5E and 6/6A Cable

• Houston Wire and Cable – Custom Cables

• Omni Cable – Category 3, 5E and 6/6A Cable, Custom wire

• Panduit – Full line of Copper Infrastructure Solutions

• Private Labeling – IAC Specialist

• Rockwell – Assorted industrial-grade patch cables and spools of cable

• Southwire – Category 3, 5E and 6/6A Cable


All things related to Fiber Optic Network Infrastructure including Fiber Optic Patch Panels, Faceplates, Jacks, Splices, Terminations, Fiber Jumpers, Wire Management, Industrial and Data Center Network Connectivity as well as Fiber Optic Cable.

• General Cable – Multimode and Single-Mode Fiber Optic Cable

• LSIntech – Fiber Splice Kits

• Omni Cable – Multimode and Single-Mode Fiber Optic Cable

• Panduit – Full line of Fiber Optic Infrastructure Solutions

• Private Labeling – IAC Specialist


Pathway Products that include Ladder and Basket Trays, Raceways, Cable Bus and Cable Fasteners.

• Eaton B-Line Systems – Cable Ladders, Wire Mesh Basket Tray and Cable Trays

• Hubbell – Raceway, Wire Basket Trays and Service Poles

• Legrand Cablofil & Wire Mold Wire Mesh Basket Tray, Cable Ladder Tray, Channel Tray, J-Hooks and Box Brackets

• MP Husky – Basket Trays, Cable Trays and Cable Bus

• nVent Caddy – J-Hooks, Bridle Rings, Vertical Cable Supports and Clips

• nVent Hoffman – Cable Ladder Tray

• Panduit – Fiber Routing Systems, Wire Mesh Cable Trays, Hooks, Supports and Power Poles


Outside Network Products include Outdoor Enclosures, Hand Holes, Man Holes and Innerduct Multi-Cell Conduit, Base Spacers and Intermediate Spacers, Burial Tape.

• Brady – Burial Tape, Warning Tape

• Carlon – PVC

• General Cable – OSP Copper and Fiber

• Hoffman – Outdoor Cabinets and Enclosures

• Krylon – Paint Solutions

• Max cell – Innerduct, Fiber Innerduct

• Panduit – OSP Copper and Fiber

• Quazite (Hubbell) – Man Holes, Hand Holes and Pencell Enclosures


Includes Bonding/Grounding, Surge Protection, Battery Backup (UPS) and Thermal Management.

• APC – Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Units and Environmental Monitoring

• Emerson Appleton – Power Conditioners and Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Units

• Hoffman – Heating/Cooling Units for Enclosures, Rack and Panel Mounted Power Distribution Units (PDU’s) and Grounding/Bonding Kits

• Hubbell – Grounding and Bonding Kits

• Panduit – Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and Grounding/Bonding Kits

• Rockwell – Uninterruptable Power Supply UPS


Hardware Products include Wireless LAN, Power Over Ethernet (POE), Gateways for Media Conversion and Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN).

• Cisco – Routers, Switches and Firewalls

• Hirschmann – Switches, Routers, Wireless Access Points and Controllers

• Parrott – Converters

• ProSoft – Wireless LAN Access Points (AP), Network Bridge for Remote Access and Gateways

• Rockwell – Stratix Switches, Routers and Firewalls

• Softing – Phoenix Digital PLC Switches, Gateways and Modems


Rack and Mounting Hardware includes Wall Mount, Two Post and Full Cabinet Racks, Panels and other Mounting Equipment.

• Hoffman – Wall Mount and Two-Post Racks, Full Cabinet Racks and Thermal Management and Containment

• Hubbell – Wall Mount Brackets, Frames and Cabinets

• Panduit – Wall Mount and Two-Post Racks, Full Cabinet Racks and Thermal Management and Containment


Includes Alarm and Security, CCTV, Structured Media Panels, Home Theater, I/R Products and Bundled Residential Cable.

• Acuity – Indoor and Outdoor Lighting, Safety, Building Management and IoT

• Broan-Nutone – Video Doorbells, Intercoms and Centralized Vacums

• Hubbell – Indoor and Outdoor Lighting, Safety and Lighting Controls

• Intermatic – In-Wall Controls, Sensors and Timer controls

• Kidde – Remote Lync Monitor and Remote Lync Camera

• Lutron Electronics – Home Lighting Control Solutions and Window Shade Controls

• Legrand / Pass Seymour – Security Cameras, Intercoms, Audio and Video and GFCI Outlets

• Legrand On-Q – Lighting Controls and Audio Video Connectivity

• Panduit – Entertainment Space and Whole Home Distribution Applications


Includes Test Equipment like Wire Testing/Certification, Location Tools, Wire Mapping, Punch Down Tools, Wire/Cable Pulling and Fiber Optic Test Equipment.

• Amprobe – Electrical Testers, Wire and Cable Tracers

• Fluke – Testing, Termination and Certification Tools for UTP, Fiber and Coax Cable

• Ideal Industries – Testing, Termination and Certification Tools for UTP, Fiber and Coax Cable as well as CCTV Testers

• Kenwood – Two-Way Radios

• Klein Tools – Testing and Termination Tools for UTP, Fiber and Coax Cable, Punch Down Tools and Cable-Pulling Tools

• Milwaukee – Hand Tools


Security Products include Firewalls, Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems IDS/IPS, Network Access Control (NAC) Software or Appliances, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Virus Protection Software.

• ForeScout – Network Access Control (NAC)

• Cisco – Firewalls with Firepower Technology and Identity Services Engines (ISE)

• Claroty – Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

• Console Works – Security and Monitoring Software

• Dragos – NAC Software and Appliances

• Hirschmann – Firewalls and Tofino Security Appliances

• McAfee – Virus Protection and SIEM

• Rockwell – Stratix Firewall with Firepower Technology

• Rapid 7 – Network Monitoring and SIEM

• Splunk – Network Monitoring Software SIEM