Modernizing Your SLC 500 Automation Systems

Modernizing Your SLC 500 Automation Systems

Modernizing Your SLC 500 Automation Systems

Rockwell Automation’s SLC line of programmable controllers have been in service for over 30 years and continue to be used today.  However, the SLC line is reaching its maturity and subsequently the upper limits of its capabilities.  Customers are moving to more modern automation platforms that provide modern systems longevity, greater functionality, decreased downtime, enhanced security, readily accessible and actionable data, and decreased maintenance and support costs.  Rockwell Automation’s Logix family of Programmable Automation Controllers allow customers to capture and take advantage of those benefits.

John Riess, in his whitepaper titled “Are You Ready to Modernize Your Control Platform?,” stated that “Change in technology is unrelenting. It can be difficult and sometimes very intimidating.  You can’t stop it, but you can embrace it and benefit from it. Those who embrace change, via the adoption of newer technology, reap its rewards…”  Read more of this insight here…

What can our customers gain from modernizing their automation systems?

  • Modern automation system hardware is more readily available, thereby reducing hardware inventory costs.
  • Greater system functionality including tighter machine device integration & control, built in connectivity to high speed automation and data networks, more control functions & higher speed operation.
  • Greater machine equipment control improving the potential to increase production performance and versatility.
  • Unplanned downtime is lessened with modern systems.  With greater bandwidth, maintenance technicians can respond faster which results in reduced production loss and overhead.
  • Cyber security is becoming ever more crucial in automation systems.  Modern systems help reduce internal and external cyber security events and subsequently reduced unwanted downtime.
  • Modern systems provide a window to information – know what’s happening, why it happened, who’s involved, and what actions you can take to fix problems and improve production.

Modernization efforts can be challenging, as successful modernization projects take planning, time, effort and resources.  IAC Supply Solutions, Inc. and Rockwell Automation can help customers navigate this process by engaging in constructive dialog with the right roles and stakeholders in the organization.  Exiting systems and processes must be evaluated for a path forward as well as for the potential risk and downstream impact of the modernization effort.  There are financial considerations that must also be taken into account.  Empowered with the right information, customers can then lay the path forward for a scalable modernization solution at their facility.

Rockwell has also provided a means to lessen the installation time with the new SLC to CompactLogix Conversion System.  Watch the video below to see this system in action…

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