Modernizing Your Motor Protection

Modernizing Your Motor Protection

Motor Protection Solutions

The electric motor remains the primary workhorse of industrial manufacturing and represents a significant property that deserves and demands attention.

  • How do you protect your electric motor investment?

Utilize premier motor protection devices that are able to provide proactive motor protection as opposed to conventional overload relays that are reactive by design.

Built on the strength and reputation of previous generation motor protection overload relays, the state-of-the-art E100/E200/E300 family of overload relays offer advantages such as:

  • Superior motor protection using the latest solid-state technology.
  • Flexible design for all NEMA & IEC applications, from the basic-tier E100 electronic overload relay to the advanced E200/E300 with real-time diagnostics.
  • Premier Logix® Integration provides direct overload network connectivity, device profiles directly inside the control program and pre done HMI device screens for the motor & overload.


Why change now?

While the basic level E1 Plus Overload Relay™ has been a valuable part of our portfolio for the past 18 years, this product will no longer be available for sale after April 2021*.  The advanced E3/E3 Plus™ Overload Relay has been obsolete for some time now.  Yet customers still have them in use, essentially putting operations at risk for extended downtime.

*Discontinued date may be subject to change.