Arc Flash Studies

Arc Flash Studies

Reduce Employee Exposure To Electrical Hazards Around Your Facility

When you choose IAC’s Arc Flash Studies program, our Arc Flash Specialists conduct a comprehensive overview of your facility’s entire power system, identifying areas where arc flash hazards are present. A customized safety program is then developed that is specific to your individual needs. Through this program, employees are trained, certified and informed on any arc flash hazards present in your facility. IAC will help you improve safety, obtain certifications and eliminate unwanted downtime.

In a safe production facility, leadership knows the answers to these questions:

  • Where are the exact locations of all arc flash hazards?
  • Do employees who work around live electrical components know current safety regulations and procedures?
  • Are all power systems up to today’s certification standards?

A comprehensive Arc Flash Study performed by IAC’s Arc Flash Specialists will provide clear answers to these questions.

Our Arc Flash Studies includes:

  • Faithful model of your electrical system in the form of updated one-line drawings.
  • Detailed arc flash analysis of all power systems.
  • Short circuit and Protective Device Coordination studies.
  • Protective device coordination improvement information.
  • Mitigation solutions and recommendations on setting equipment.
  • Ongoing custom safety program that doubles as a safety policy.
  • Permits and safety training for all contractors and employees who are required to work on live electrical circuits.

The results from Arc Flash Studies are clear:

  • Peace of mind: You’ll breathe easy knowing that all arc flash hazards have been identified and employees are informed on how to properly deal with them.
  • Higher performance: With IAC’s equipment setting and correction recommendations, your equipment will perform more efficiently, instantly decreasing the risk of arc flash hazards.
  • Compliance: Our Arc Flash Studies program was developed to help you meet or exceed the requirements of CSA Z462, IEE-1584 and NFPA 70E regulations.

Arc Flash Studies outcome: 

Provided during project:

  • Digital/physical one-line diagrams
  • Analysis of existing power system
  • Recommendations on reducing risk in your facility
  • Short circuit current analysis
  • Labels for Arc Flash areas/incidents
  • Protective Device Coordination data analysis

Additional service:

  • Yearly inspection of your facility
  • Scheduled Arc Flash reporting
  • Regularly scheduled compliancy recommendations/training
  • Ongoing tracking of equipment

IAC’s Arc Flash Specialists also offer: 

  • Refurbishing: Service updates are available to be performed on both existing and obsolete Arc Flash Studies.
  • Maintenance: IAC Yearly Maintenance Agreements are available to those who would like continued maintenance performed on either new or existing studies. This option is great for keeping track of any changes that could have an impact on existing Arc Flash Studies.