Winning Attitudes – The Art Of Bending

Darrell Smith, IAC President

2020 was a windy year. I don’t mean from a meteorological standpoint. I mean when it comes to headwinds in our business and personal lives. If a normal year has metaphorical air currents that ebb and flow, 2020 was one long tornado.

Those headwinds flattened a lot of companies across the globe, but I’m proud to say that IAC is just as healthy now as we were in March. The credit for that goes to our employees. We are incredibly fortunate to have a team that is resilient, resourceful and creative.

In a windstorm, the old, inflexible trees are the ones that suffer most. Businesses react the same way when it comes to challenges. Agile, flexible, adaptable companies bend with the wind like trees that plan to keep on growing. Businesses that are too set in their ways can get pulled out by their roots.

Who would have thought that we would have an entirely new “normal” just nine months or so since the term “COVID-19” entered the public consciousness? I could not be prouder of how the IAC crew has rolled up their sleeves, pitched in, adopted new practices and found new ways to help our customers succeed. After all, how can we help our customers to adapt if we aren’t doing it ourselves?

Social distancing. Masks. Google Meet meetings. Hand sanitizer. Daily temperature checks. It sounds strange, but in some ways all of this working apart has motivated us to become closer than ever to our customers, our business partners and our teammates. We’ve found ways to bend with the wind and help those around us to do the same.

Think about it like this: if we kept doing business throughout a year like 2020, we can work together to succeed in spite of anything. I really believe that, and it’s the reason I have a positive outlook about 2021. It will be calmer and, hopefully, will have many more tailwinds than headwinds.