Safer Lockout-Tagout Programs Start At IAC

IAC’s Lockout-Tagout Specialists are industry-leading experts in lockout-tagout program implementation. Our proven systems and products provide customers with a comprehensive solution that is compliant, safe and efficient. Not only do our lockout-tagout services help to protect the well-being of employees, they can contribute to overall productivity as well.

Leadership at any safety-compliant production facility should be able to answer these questions. Can you?

  • What equipment requires a lockout-tagout procedure?
  • Do we possess all necessary components and devices required to successfully perform a lockout-tagout procedure on these machines?
  • Have authorized employees been trained so they understand our current lockout-tagout procedures?
  • Does our current lockout-tagout policy meet all requirements necessary to be OSHA compliant?

A lockout-tagout service performed by IAC’s Lockout-Tagout Specialists provides definitive answers to these very important questions.

IAC Lockout-Tagout Services Include:

  • Illustrated placards that are unique to each machine
  • Lockout-tagout procedures mounted clearly at the point of use on each machine
  • Energy disconnects and control points on each machine, indicated by color-coded tags
  • Necessary files delivered via USB and physical binder

The Benefits Of IAC Lockout-Tagout Services Are Clear:

  • Improved safety: Safer workers are better workers, and with IAC-specified lockout-tagout procedures and training in place, teams will stay productive with less risk of injury.
  • Peace of mind: Customers rest easy knowing that all of their lockout-tagout needs have been taken care of by an industry-leading expert like IAC.
  • ROI: IAC’s lockout-tagout program provides a substantial value that can be directly measured by our customers’ return on investment.

Additional IAC lockout-tagout options include:

  • Devices
  • In-mold technology (IMT) placard
  • Training
  • ScanESC
  • Required annual review

Interested in learning more about lockout-tagout services? Ask any one of IAC’s Lockout-Tagout Specialists. They can be reached by phone at 800-345-4005 or via email at