Medical Device Manufacturers: IAC Understands Your Pain Points

To create the most important health care technology in the world, you need a supplier that knows your business.

IAC Supply Solutions supports medical device manufacturers by helping them choose the right cutting tools, lubricants and supplies. Our specialists understand how to make improvements without disrupting process validation. In other words, IAC knows exactly what it takes to help you overcome the challenges faced by medical device manufacturers every day:

  • Process Validation
    Continual improvement is important. IAC specialists are able to help plan and coordinate the introduction of new tools and lubricants without disrupting your process validation.
  • Tool Selection
    Choosing the right cutting tools and lubricants can have a direct impact on your profitability. IAC cutting tool specialists reduce waste and improve the performance of your tool investment.
  • OEE Improvement
    IAC Specialists can pinpoint troubled areas in your manufacturing process, as well as recommend solutions to improve your Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE) score.
  • ISO 9001:2005 Certified
    When you choose IAC, you get a partner that adheres to and is recognized by the world’s most respected quality management system.

Improve your results by improving your supplier. Contact IAC today at 800-345-4005 or online. IAC: the cutting tools and supplies you need to manufacture successful medical devices. IAC for the win.

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