Winning Attitudes – “How’s Work?” – The Power Of Employees And Social Media

Darrell Smith, IAC President

When you get together with your friends and family, one of the first things that comes up in conversation is generally “How’s work?” Our acquaintances have their own jobs, so they are naturally curious about everyone else’s. What new projects is everyone working on? What kinds of new technology are making work easier or faster? Do you have new coworkers – and do we know them?

It’s an easy conversation to have, and if you think about it, social media is another natural way to approach the same kinds of topics with your friends and acquaintances. Yet some people hesitate to share information that their employer posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even LinkedIn. I’m not sure why.

When your employer takes part in a project that is a success, your friends and family are excited to hear about it – just like they are when you chat with them beside the grill during a cookout. They see that you shared a post, they make a note of what is going on in your career, and they move on (perhaps making an additional mental note to ask you about it the next time they see you).

Sometimes the people you connect with on social media might be so interested in the post that they like it or even share it themselves. This engagement – a voluntary act that costs nothing and takes less than a second – can be very beneficial to both you and your employer. You see, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn treat engagement as a predictor of what content will be of interest to others.

In other words, if people like, comment on or share a Facebook post, the platform will show it to additional users because they are likely to do the same. It’s all about teamwork. When we engage with social media posts from the organization we work for, we can help to ensure that more people hear about that organization and its products and services.

Just think of it as a way of answering the question “How’s work?” Take a moment to like and share company posts and take part in the conversation. The more we engage, the more it benefits us all.