IAC Customers Avoid Downtime By Keeping Critical Parts On Hand

When a factory doesn’t have the necessary parts on hand, breakdowns quickly turn into extended downtime. IAC’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Specialists can monitor and restock a customer’s parts inventory so they don’t have to worry. When our customers partner with IAC, they never run low on crucial parts and supplies. We use remote data capture technology to optimize their inventory and create a reliable replenishment schedule. All stock levels are monitored and maintained according to the appropriate minimums and maximums.

What To Expect With Vendor Managed Inventory:

  • Assistance in establishing stock minimums and maximums
  • Bin, shelf and stock setup
  • Storeroom management (electrical, industrial, and automation parts and supplies)
  • Scheduled visits (to fulfill auto-replenishment orders)
James Butler,
Director of Business Development

Step-By-Step: The Vendor Managed Inventory Process:

  • Inventory and usage history are collected
  • Standardized parts are identified
  • Optimization takes place, creating inventory records with minimum / maximum levels for each SKU (using the customer’s part numbers)
  • Barcoded shelf and bin labels are generated
  • Initial orders are generated
  • Shelves and bins are set up on site and products are stocked
  • As items are used, they are scanned, and IAC captures the data for replenishment on an optimum schedule

Interested in learning more about our Vendor Managed Inventory services? Ask James Butler, the IAC Specialist who oversees all technical aspects of VMI. He can be reached by phone at 901-573-2900 or via email at jbutler@iaccompanies.com.