Highlight Reel – Angled Trough Wire Distribution

Cramped quarters didn’t stop IAC’s Electrical Support Team from helping a customer with a unique wiring success story.

The Challenge:

American Electrical Contractors (AEC) needed to outfit the electrical room of a major metropolitan hospital to accommodate four individual sources of power. Using traditional wireways proved to be a major challenge due to the room’s limited space. Though possible, the process would have been both cost prohibitive and time consuming.

“It’s the nature of the business – electrical rooms are not revenue producing, so they are designed to take up as little room as possible,” says Buddy Riley, a general foreman and electrician with American Electrical Contractors. “Also, because of the four different sources coming out of the electrical room to service these rooms, we needed the raceways to be installed as pull points in two or three different directions, remaining independent from one another.”

The Goal:

American Electrical Contractors needed a cost-effective solution with the capability to accommodate four complex power sources: critical emergency, normal power, life safety emergency and equipment emergency – all running alongside one another within a tight space. Installation needed to be convenient, and everything needed to function efficiently within the minimal space provided.

The Success Story:

The team at American Electrical Contractors knew just who to call for assistance, and IAC was brought in to serve as a distribution partner. IAC’s specialists quickly identified an innovative solution – Angled Trough from nVent HOFFMAN – that provided space-saving mounting and installation options for wire distribution. Consequently, American Electrical Contractors’ electricians were able to pull branch circuit wires from each power source in virtually any desired direction without impeding one another. “The angle of the opening made it easy to pull wires out,” Riley says. “We were able to come out of the front of the trough or out of the back. The Angled Trough allowed us to do a lot in a little space – and it saved us a lot of time.”

The Solution:

nVent HOFFMAN’s Angled Trough

The Tale Of The Tape

Angled Trough – A cost-effective solution that’s designed for use in commercial electric applications involving wire distribution, junctions and terminations. Its unique angled design eliminates the need for costly 90-degree conduit bends by allowing installers to run conduit through all six sides of the enclosure, including the front. The enclosure’s flexible design and function require minimal wall space and make mounting and assembly simple.

The Outcome

Efficient and cost-effective installation was the goal of this project, and that’s precisely what IAC’s innovative use of Angled Trough helped American Electrical Contractors to accomplish. This uniquely designed system allowed the electricians to utilize four complex power systems in a very confined space without limiting the directional choices of wire distribution. The Angled Trough took what would normally be a highly complex undertaking and simplified the process tremendously. Its innovative design allowed for quick installation and shortened American Electrical Contractors’ schedule by an entire day.

Let IAC’s specialists help you to overcome installation challenges during your next electrical project. Together, we’ll make your project into a success story that everybody will want to share.

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