Highlight Reel – Improving Industrial Vending

IAC made it easier for a manufacturer’s production team to get the consumables they needed, when they needed them.

The Challenge:

International Converter, a large manufacturer of foil laminates and sealant coatings, had a difficult time maintaining adequate inventory of consumables (personal protective equipment, gloves, tape, knives, etc.) in its industrial vending machines while under contract with a national supply chain. This national chain would periodically switch the brands of provided consumables without notification and would occasionally let the vending machines run out of supplies altogether.

The Goal:

The team at International Converter needed a supply partner that could maintain a dependable inventory of consumables, with the professionalism to provide notifications when product substitution was in the manufacturer’s best interest. Not only did the consumables need to be conveniently stored and dispensed through an easily accessible vending solution, usage needed to be recorded and tracked in order to maximize productivity.

The Success Story:

IAC had the experience and the resources to take over International Converter’s consumable vending machines, and the results have been incredibly positive. By implementing the latest SupplyMaster technology, IAC’s specialists provided an efficient, easily accessible way for employees to obtain the supplies they needed without the uncertainty of an unproven brand or the costly downtime that resulted when supplies were out of stock entirely. IAC was even able to save the customer space by replacing three of the former supplier’s vending machines with just two SupplyMaster vending machines.

The Solution:

IAC’s supply services deployed via SupplyMaster vending machines.

The Tale Of The Tape

SupplyMaster Vending Machines – These state-of-the-art vending solutions combine innovative technology, hardware and software to provide workers with efficient access to the materials they need, when they need them. The functionality of each machine is controlled by a software platform that can be configured to limit item access based on employee job status. The machine’s system controls material selection through an employee authentication process using an integrated touchscreen. Once dispensed, details on each issued item are automatically recorded in the system’s database for inventory and restocking purposes.

The Outcome:

Dependable service and efficient vending – those were the ultimate goals of this project, and that’s exactly what IAC’s specialists used SupplyMaster’s state-of-the-art vending machine technology to accomplish. Production delays due to material shortages are no longer an issue for International Converter. Its facility is now equipped with two user-friendly SupplyMaster vending machines and backed by IAC’s commitment to keeping them stocked.

Not only did IAC’s improvements provide International Converter with a substantial cost savings on materials, they effectively eliminated the hassle of keeping up with restocking and reordering. Both new machines were appropriately sized and programmed according to material type and the requirements of the customer. IAC trained all of International Converter’s employees on the functions of both new machines and continues to provide training on an ongoing basis.

By the conclusion of this project, IAC’s relationship with International Converter had transformed from that of a vendor to that of a partner. International Converter is pleased with the outcome, and the benefits to their business have been clear.

Let IAC’s specialists help you overcome your facility’s vending challenges. Together, we’ll ensure that your crucial materials are stocked, easily accessible, and in place when you need them.

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