Staged Deliveries Make Project Organization Easier

IAC Staging Specialists: Pictured left to right – Chris Jones, Cannon Ross, Stacy Kesler, Robert Frost, and Todd Johnson.

IAC’s Staging Specialists study our customers’ project timelines and develop staged delivery schedules that maximize project efficiency. Customers can place a single order for the job, then have the appropriate parts staged and delivered as they are needed. Supplies don’t show up too early (where they are liable to get in the way) or too late (which slows down progress). To ensure smooth transactions from start to finish, IAC’s Staging Specialists work closely with project managers to coordinate releases.

IAC’s Staging Specialists help customers answer these questions:

  • How can we locate a specific part or piece of equipment when it is needed?
  • Have we ordered all equipment necessary to complete this project?
  • Do we have room at our facility to store all of the parts and equipment needed from start to finish?

Projects stay organized when the delivery schedule is left up to IAC. By staging the arrival of parts and supplies, it’s easier for customers to stay on time and budget.

IAC project staging services include:

  • Comprehensive project evaluation
  • Convenient all-in-one job ordering
  • Off-site project staging
  • Precise delivery scheduling
  • Ongoing release coordination (based on customer communication)
  • Manufacturer job packaging

The benefits of IAC’s project staging services are clear:

Improved organization: The work site stays cleaner and more organized by eliminating unneeded materials.

Peace of mind: Customers breathe easy knowing that all of the equipment for their project is safe and available when they need it.

Increased efficiency: IAC’s staging delivery methods keep projects running on schedule and according to plan.

Interested in learning more about our staging services? Ask any one of IAC’s Staging Specialists. They can be reached by phone at 901-383-1865 or via email at