Winning Attitudes – Golf, And The Art Of Working Smart

Darrell Smith, IAC President

I enjoy golf and so does my family, so it always catches me a little off guard when somebody says “golf isn’t a real sport.” Their logic is often centered on the fact that the best golfers in the world are usually not the best athletes in the world. In fact, pros like John Daly have proven that you can win major tournaments and look like a regular guy.

However, anybody who says that golf isn’t a sport doesn’t have the proper respect for the amount of mental acuity and endurance necessary to master a physical set of skills in which there is virtually zero margin for error. Those who feel that they can simply “overpower” a golf course often come up short.

Tiger Woods, for example, found success not because he could hit the ball a mile off of the tee (he could), but because he had the skills to get himself out of the rough and back onto the green. Even in Tiger’s best year he only hit the fairway about 70 percent of the time, and his lifetime average is a good bit lower.

Brute-force golfers who lack skill around the greens have always come and gone with little sustained success, and to me that is proof positive that it takes an intelligent, skilled athlete to rise to the top of the golf world. It’s not just a sport, it’s a sport in which working smart is just as important as working hard.

The same can be said for business. In general, companies that find short-term success by being the cheapest or the fastest tend to find themselves stuck in the rough after a while. By comparison, those companies that plan ahead, pay attention to the details and focus on the value they bring to their customers more often than not experience consistent, sustained success.

One of the first steps toward “playing smart” is for businesses to find partners that support their vision. That’s where IAC comes in. We don’t just sell products, we offer a long-term business relationship in which our customers’ priorities come before our own. Our specialists start by learning all about their company, their equipment and their people – then we take every step possible to ensure that their strategies result in success.

We work smart so our customers can, too. Think of us as the best caddie you’ve ever had, and let’s set a few course records together.