Successful Lighting Projects Start And End With Professional Design And Layout

Philip Everitt, Construction Solutions Manager

Well-planned lighting is an integral part of any successful construction project. IAC’s Design and Layout Specialists work with our customers to assess the lighting requirements of their new construction projects. Then they propose solutions to their challenges using the very latest in lighting technology, helping the project to be completed on time and on budget.

Start by answering these questions:

  • What are this project’s objectives when it comes to lighting?
  • Is cost or aesthetic appeal more important on this project?
  • Are reduced maintenance costs an important factor in the final result?
  • What light levels are preferred throughout this project?

By answering these questions, our customers give IAC’s Design and Layout Specialists what they need to put together a lighting plan that efficiently illuminates the building, balancing cost without compromising the well-being of those who work or live within it.

IAC design and layout capabilities include:

Blueprint: Utilizing the most current lighting design software, we produce a “blueprint” that details fixture locations, accounts for light scheduling and recommends light level elevations.

Lighting insight: Our extensive knowledge of lighting control often saves building owners money in the long run, integrating effective combinations of daylight-harvesting technology, occupant sensors and innovative controls.

Value engineering: By reviewing the customer’s existing plans, IAC can often suggest cost-effective fixture alternatives that provide equal light levels and quality at significant savings.

Switchgear configuration: Our Design and Layout Specialists are able to help with the switchgear portion of the project as well. By incorporating specific load requirements, total amp preferences, panel configurations and transformer locations, we can create a layout that provides a one-line diagram and panel schedule.

The benefits of IAC’s design and layout capabilities are clear:

  • No-hassle revisions: Our design process is a collaborative effort. We are happy to make revisions in order to meet our customer’s exact specifications.
  • Data that save customers time and money: Upon completion, we provide a custom cost and data sheet for all included lighting fixtures (delivered via email).
  • Ongoing support: IAC will be there throughout the project, delivering products and customer service that we will gladly stake our reputation on.

Interested in learning more about our design and layout capabilities? Ask Philip Everitt. He can be reached by phone at 901-383-1865 or via email at