Winning Attitudes – The Power Of Focus

Darrell Smith, IAC President

You may not know this about me, but I was a fairly successful high school football player back in the day. They called me and my twin brother “double trouble.” I played middle linebacker, which is generally considered the “quarterback” of the defense. While defense is still very important in the game today, it’s been interesting and exciting to see how offense and the importance of having a great quarterback is winning the big games. Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers are just a few examples of great quarterbacks that make a huge difference between winning and losing.

The best quarterbacks in history are experts at passing, reading defenses and managing games. While talented and athletic, most specialize in one or two areas that make them most effective. Most passers are not great runners and most great runners are not great passers, but they both may be great at managing the clock and/or leading their teams.

Here at IAC, we’ve built our business model around the same way of thinking. The sales team specializes in understanding our customers’ businesses, and pretty much everybody else at IAC specializes in some other facet of our business. For example, we have a specialist for our programmable logic controller (PLC) business, another for our lighting and lighting control business and still another for our cutting tool business. Some are experts in products while others specialize in services.

In fact, our expertise is what truly sets IAC apart from our competitors.

The insights that we’ve gained by focusing rather than generalizing, the passion that comes from caring rather than treating people like a number – those are the reasons that our customers find us valuable and keep coming back. After all, when you know pretty much everything there is to learn about a topic, we become an important resource to both our customers and our teammates.

When it’s time to go for the win, customers and suppliers want to partner with the team whose experts give them the edge. That’s us – the specialists, experts and team players here at IAC. Our knowledge helps our customers succeed.